Los Angeles Filing Bankruptcy Chapter 7 debt relief

Define: File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Wipe all debt away

Chapter 7 is the common type of BK; when people think of wiping out their bills and eliminating debt, they think of this kind. It allows you to start with a clean slate by wiping away all debt. You get a fresh start, and the harassing creditor calls stop.

Didn't the new bankruptcy laws end Chapter Seven bankruptcy?

No, that's a myth. The new bk law just made it harder to do. If you make good money, you can afford to pay back some of your debt. But if you're struggling getting by and don't have a mortgage, chances are you'll qualify for a Chapter 7. Ask a skilled bankruptcy attorney who is a specialist assess your situation.

Creditors must leave you alone

The phone calls from creditors must stop the moment that you are filing for bankruptcy. They cannot continue to harass you, or even contact you. Declare bankruptcy and get peace of mind.

Will I have to give up all my stuff?

No. There are many exceptions for things that you keep. No one is going to come and take the clothes out of your closet.

Will I be able to eliminate all of my debt?

Maybe. There are some things that cannot be discharged (like student loans). But many debts can be discharged through a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Is filing chapter 7 bankruptcy for everyone?

No. But it could be right for you. You'll want to speak with a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney who can advise you about your situation. Go over your options. Give you advice. Only a lawyer can do these things.